• Just like in grad school, this document completely erases LGBTQ2+ students and POC and doesn't consider our unique challenges and needs. The only place this document acknowledges LGBTQ2+ people and POC is by telling LGBTQ2+ and POC how to dress - which is really funny because I've been told not to dress like a "raging bull dyke" by an advisor myself, while completing my PhD, so I guess it's appropriate. sarcasm
  • http://www.apa.org/apags/resources/ethnic-minority-guide.aspx
  • I am looking through APA's now, which is useful and fills in some but not all of the blanks.
  • We'd need one on choosing a school, then choosing where to live, examining police brutality, hate crimes as well as climate on campus.
    • strengthsnotstrikes.com offers free for women + poc specifically go through the application process.
  • As much as impostor syndrome would need to be addressed, so too consciousness and perspective on our tokenization both in our programs as well as on the market. What signs to look for regarding tokenization and how to navigate it for our 'benefit.'
  • Similarly, how to make friends based on similar social locations to learn from each other and support one another in being one of a few.
  • What are the social networking norms in which we are willing to engage--and who are we willing to educate regarding our struggles and our navigation?
  • Here's one reflection on it.

Thank you for saying this and not standing for it!